Have you heard the music you like and are curious as to its name? You are fortunate. The days of calling a friend and humming the song while randomly trying out words are long gone. There is now a tonne of fantastic tools available that can, in some cases quickly, tell you exactly what you’re hearing.

‘What Is This Song’ Options

One’s mood can be affected by characters in music to varying degrees. Someone’s mood can be improved by music, which can also thrill or calm the listener. There are countless options.

1. Apply Shazam

What Is This Song

Try a dedicated music identification app, like Shazam, if you frequently find yourself asking “what’s this song?” and you don’t like your phone’s assistant.


  • To identify songs, simply tap.
  • High precision
  • Large music collection
  • Ease-of-use
  • Offline function
  • Access to music tracks and videos from results with a single touch
  • Your saved history of song requests


  • Only lists unique musical compositions (no live tracks, covers, singing, or humming)
  • No hands-free option

Simply download and install the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to start using it. then launch the app, and then tap Shazam’s large S logo. Following a brief period of listening, it will give you all the pertinent details you require about the currently playing song, including its title, album, and artist. It will also provide links to the song’s pages on the more well-known streaming services (Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music), allowing you to listen to and/or purchase the song.

2. Employ SoundHound

What Is This Song

Another well-known music recognition app is SoundHound. It functions very similarly to Shazam, allowing you to quickly identify music with the press of a button.


  • Just one tap to find music
  • Will recognize any songs you hum or sing
  • Hands-free capability


  • When you hum or sing a song, accuracy isn’t superb.

Simply download and install SoundHound from its official website to use it to determine the music. Open the app, touch the huge orange SoundHound button, and keep your phone close to the music after that. The song will then be recognized by SoundHound.

However, despite the fact that SoundHound and Shazam operate rather similar in terms of their core functionality, there are two key distinctions.

The first significant distinction is that SoundHound can recognize songs when you hum or sing along with them. Shazam is unable to accomplish this. SoundHound can identify the music as long as your singing isn’t drastically out of tune.

3. On WatZatSong, Ask

If none of the aforementioned approaches work and you absolutely MUST know what the name of that music is, you can always check the WatZatSong forum.

You provide a sample of the song and/or as much information as you can about it, then you wait for feedback from other music fans to find out the solution.

4. Amazon Alexa

What Is This Song

The Echo is a smart speaker that offers Song ID in addition to playing music. Simply say Turn on ID whenever you want your Echo to identify a song for you. It will then declare the name and artist of each song before it starts playing.

However, if a radio station is playing, it doesn’t work all that well. Instead of displaying the music being played, it merely displays the name of the station.

5. Ask The Assistance On Your Phone

Asking your phone’s assistant to tell you what song is playing is the simplest choice if you use an iPhone or Android device.

Siri is the name of this assistance on the iPhone. It goes under the name of Google Assistant on Android. Its name on a Samsung Android phone is Bixby. These personal assistants are all equipped with a “what’s this music” feature.

This is how to apply it:

  • Start your phone assistant and listen to the song.
  • Say something like “What’s this song” or “Identify this song” or “Name this tune for me” to your phone assistant once it has started to listen, and then place your phone close to the music source.
  • Your assistant should respond shortly with a detailed response that includes the song’s title, artist, album, and potentially even lyrics, as well as a play button or link to the music (for example, in Apple Music or YouTube Music) so you can listen to it, purchase it, or look up more information.

Configure Your Assistant So That It Works Even When Your Phone Is Locked By Following These Steps:

  • Turn on “Allow Siri When Locked” under Settings > Siri & Search on an iPhone.
  • Access with Voice Match can be enabled by going to Settings > Google > Search, Assistant & Voice > Voice > Voice Match on an Android device. (Take note that this is the process for Google’s stock Android, which is what the Pixel offers.) It’s possible that the process will alter significantly if you have an Android phone made by a different company.)
  • Navigate to Settings > Applications on a Samsung smartphone. Then type “Bixby” into the search box and press “Search.” It will appear as a search result under Bixby Voice. Use while the phone is locked can be enabled by tapping the settings icon to the right.

Which Smartphone Assistant, Bixby, Sir, or Google Assistant, Is The Best At Identifying Songs?

In general, Siri and Google Assistant recognize songs equally as quickly and precisely as the specialized music identification apps covered below.

Siri is actually just as quick and precise as the Shazam app because it uses Shazam as its engine. And for a few years now, Google Assistant has been one of the company’s top development goals. They need it for their next plans. As a result, the Google Assistant frequently equals Shazam in quality.

As opposed to Siri and Google Assistant, Bixby is substantially slower and less accurate. An internet connection is necessary for all three phone assistants to recognize tunes.


Humans thrive on emotion, which is what listening to music evokes. The mood and behavior of an individual can be affected by music. People can gain from recognizing their emotional responses to music and using it to their advantage.

People can use music as a getaway when they’re anxious. I hope the methods I’ve provided above will assist you in finding the tunes you want.

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