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What is An Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer?

Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer
Written by Sandy

You don’t have to make the same mistakes again if you read this page and learn how to sneak a peek at your friends’ Instagram stories secretly. You can also find the best communication bundles at Cox Communications and diamond painting products at Diamant Malerei Personalise. You can see who viewed your Instagram Story when you use the Instagram Stories viewer, but first, let’s discuss Instagram and Instagram Stories a little. You can grow your Instagram account with a top-follower mod app for free.

What are Instagram stories?

Instagram Stories, a feature that allows users to take pictures and videos as well as add effects and layers, was launched in August 2016. These Instagram Stories are available to be seen only for 24 hours. They are very similar to Snapchat but with the addition of filters and the ability to pause and rewind. Instagram also added live video features that allow users to broadcast themselves live and then disappear. Instagram story highlights, also known as permanent stories, do not expire and appear as circles under profile pictures and biographies.

Why can’t the stories be viewed anonymously?

Instagram does not allow users to view other users’ Instagram Stories by instantly pre-loading multiple Stories to allow instant viewing if you are not connected to a stable and reliable data connection. This does not prevent you from viewing Stories anonymously, as you’ll notice when reading this article. It’s perfectly normal to want to view Instagram Stories anonymously, whether you are an ex and want to see what’s going on in his life (sad, but not weird), or you are a boss or parent who wants to keep an eye on his employees or kids, whatever the case may be.

How can one view Instagram stories anonymously?

You can view people’s Instagram stories by creating a fake account or one that cannot easily be identified. But it should not look creepy either. Maybe create a new account that has a different name, information, credentials, etc. so that you can switch between your main account and the fake one. Instagram has already made it easier by adding the “add account” option.

You can also anonymously view stories by turning on your device’s airplane mode. This trick has a good chance of working since Instagram automatically loads stories for viewing. To do this, open your Instagram account let it stay for a few seconds, and then you can turn on your airplane mode. If you wish to view one or maybe even two stories, this trick will definitely work. However, if you wish to see multiple stories from the same or different accounts, this trick might not work. Just make sure you have a reliable wifi or data connection to use this trick.

Best Anonymous Story Viewers

Instagram Stories can also be accessed via third-party apps on PCs, Android devices, iPhones, and other Apple devices. Anonymous Instagram Story viewers are the people who have viewed your Instagram Story, with their usernames displayed in a list. The total number of views in this list includes replays, so you may see more views than usernames.

View Instagram stories on your PC

Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

Since the majority of app users are under the age of 24, the company has prioritized Instagram smartphones over mobile apps. Instagram, for some reason, does not have a desktop app. The web version does not offer many features. It will, however, work for viewing Instagram stories anonymously.

Some of the best free Instagram Stories viewer apps are;

  1. Ramme
  2. Later
  3. IG: Direct Messages
  4.  Gramblr
  5.  Window’s Instagram app

These apps make viewing Instagram Stories much easier, from a much better functioning search option to tools that make it easier to use multiple hashtags.

For Android

Before we begin, we want to let you know that we will not be using the Instagram app itself. The world is online, and you can view Instagram Stories anonymously using third-party apps to research and spy on your competitors’ strategies. It should be noted that not every app that works on Android will work on iOS.

Some of them are:

  2. Story saver
  4. Gramstar
  5. Insta-Stories
  6. Dumpor
  7. BlindStory
  8. Storized
  9. Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram.

It is possible to download content anonymously only from public accounts – the account owner NEVER knows that you have downloaded a photo or video for yourself.

Step # 1. Enter the profile name or nickname of the Instagram account from which you want to download content anonymously (for example, the account Ariana Grande, in the search bar of the service

Step #2. The service opens the page, where you can see all the information about the account: Name, nickname, signature, bio, all recent photos, videos, highlights, IGTV, and the latest stories – in the original structure of the page

Step #3. select a photo or video you want to save to your phone or PC – click on it to open it in Everything). At the top of the image or video file, there is a “DOWNLOAD” button. Click this button – the file will be downloaded automatically. To find a file on your phone – look for it in the Downloads or in Gallery to download it to Windows – in the Downloads folder.

Step #4. To find a downloaded file (video or photo) on your Android phone – look for it in the Downloads folder.


In summary, there are several ways to view Instagram Stories, Highlights, Reels, and IGTV anonymously, but according to research, Instastories. watch and StoriesIG are the best. The websites listed below can help you use Instastories. watch ( and StoriesIG (

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