Do you know if the Instagram marketing plan is effective? Can you determine what post or story produced the highest engagement over one week? If you cannot provide the answers to one of these questions, then you need an ample amount of Instagram analytics.

If you aren’t familiar with their function, Instagram analytics is how you measure the performance of your content and your profile in general. Innovative businesses use IG analytics to monitor various metrics and assess what they can gain from their posts. If you pay close attention to your analytics data, you’ll get valuable insights that will aid in improving your marketing on Instagram.

How do you obtain insights on Instagram in particular, given that Instagram does not have its dashboard for analytics? That’s precisely the question we’ll look at. You can also get free IG followers with Mr.insta.

In this post, we’ll look at the two primary ways to access statistics on Instagram and the top methods to monitor Instagram metrics that match your objectives.

Let’s get started.

How do I get Instagram Analytics?

You can keep track of Instagram statistics for followers and other vital metrics by:

  1. An Instagram company profile
  2. A tool for Instagram analytics. Instagram analytics tool

If you’ve already set up the Instagram account for your company, You can view your analytics through”Insights” in the “Insights” tab on your phone’s Instagram app.

If you’re using the typical profile, you can change it to a business one following the steps below.

How to Gain Insights on Instagram

Viewing your profile’s main webpage, you’ll notice four vertical lines in the top-right corner of your phone’s screen.

Click on them, and Instagram will redirect you to Instagram’s Insights screen.

You’ll be able to view a variety of metrics that relate to your posts, as well as the activity and demographics of your audience.

Note: If you’ve made or changed the Instagram business profile recently, it could take a few days to show information for your profile. Additionally, Instagram will only display data to stories or content you’ve shared following the conversion to the business profile.

The benefit of using Instagram Insights is that the information is relatively easy to understand. It is not necessary to have any prior knowledge of data analytics or expertise, and you may be able to extract essential insights by making use of the inside of your own.

However, if you’re not a fan of trying to combine information from a native Instagram app, you might want to look into an Instagram analytics application.

The Top Instagram Analytics Apps

Due to the sheer size of Instagram and the variety in its analytics, it’s better to have multiple types of analytics tools for you. We’ll discuss the top 15 Instagram analytics tools available to assist you in improving general performance.

Let’s have a look at these applications!

1. Squarelovin

Squarelovin is among the few applications that provide Instagram analytics for free. You can use it to receive a monthly report of your latest posts and growth or to view a preview of your content divided into an hour, day, month, or year. In addition, the application provides insight into your audience’s preferences and interests and when is the most effective or least optimal for posting.

It is also possible to determine the most appropriate hashtags and filters you can use based on what your followers will most like posts.

Price Cost: Free to use.

2. Pixlee

Another free Instagram analytics tool can help analyze your top-performing posts and develop ideas for fresh content. Pixlee also offers an intuitive reporting tool that provides daily performance reports every week. You can also utilize the data to locate social media influencers and connect with those who have posted about your company.

It also provides hashtag monitoring and statistics, a way to determine the most popular content, and a method to measure the growth of followers on Instagram.

Price is: Use for free.

3. Crowdfire

Crowdfire’s Instagram statistics provide a comprehensive analysis of the way the performance of your Instagram commercial account has performed up to an exact date. You can select a date range that includes yesterday, 7 hours, 30 days, or 90 days. Another option is to choose a date range that you can customize with a maximum of 90 days. It is possible to pick all Instagram metrics you’d like to evaluate, such as posts, likes, reach, followers, comments, views on your profile, views and bio email clicks, and text message click.

You can also compare your performance during the current time frame with the previous one by flipping the switch on the right side of your Crowdfire Dashboard to “ON.”

Price: Free to view information from the last day.

4. Later

Later is a different Instagram analysis tool that can assist you in expanding your business by enhancing the effectiveness of your IG marketing plan. The Linkin-bio feature makes this platform different, which lets you connect your Instagram posts directly to URLs, like product pages. You can monitor clicks on websites, page views, and click-through rates by logging into your Instagram profile and tracking the number of sales a specific post resulted in.

While Later offers a no-cost plan for people, the paid subscriptions provide access to various useful IG analytics, including Stories on Instagram insights.

Price: Starting as low as $9 per month.


A different Instagram analytics tool you can utilize is It produces PDF reports that provide insight into indicators like the increase in followers, the growth of followers, post and profile engagement rates, the most popular photo filters, and others. You can also export the data into an attractive format to keep your users informed about your Instagram marketing initiatives. also provides 14 days of the free trial, which can be extended upon request. You can test it out for free and confirm that it’s the perfect Instagram stats application for you.

Price: It starts at only 9 dollars per month.

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