There are many events when you really want to connect to an office PC from another place. For instance, you are expected to send your client a report that is saved on the office computer. Hence, it’s wise to install remote access software windows 10 on the PC and set it up for remote connection.

What should good remote access software be?

You might feel hard to get a decent remote access tool among loads of such ones. Simply sit back and relax, you can allude to the accompanying rules.

  • Easy to set up and use: Slow download speeds and a complicated setup process will consume all your patience. A qualified remote connection software should be quick to download and easy to ease.
  • Quick to connect: Long wait for connection and high latency will drive you crazy. It’s important to connect and respond quickly for a great remote access tool.
  • Data security is ensured: Hackers and viruses make our data in danger. A remote access app should take measures to protect data safety during the remote connection session.

An unmissable remote access software: AnyViewer

Here AnyViewer, unmissable remote desktop software, is introduced. It doesn’t only satisfy all the criteria mentioned above, but also has other highlights listed below.

  1. Free Edition is available: Its free version can satisfy the basic remote connection demands and allows users to assign 3 devices to an account and manage 10 devices. To assign and manage more devices, you can buy its affordable paid edition.
  2. Flexible access methods: You can choose one-click remote access when you need regular access to your own PC. Choose to send requests when you offer one-time remote support. Use a security code when you need to give remote assistance to unattended computers.
  3. Thoughtful shortcuts to apps: In remote connection, click the Operations tab, and you can find the shortcuts to Task Manager, CMD, and so on, which helps you to resolve PC issues more quickly.
  4. Value-added features: It is with value-added features like File Transfer, which enables you to transfer files between remote computers quickly and easily.
  5. Mobile devices supported: It enables you to access Windows PC from mobile devices, like iPhone, iPad, and Android phones, which makes you manage your own remote computer more conveniently.

What AnyViewer can do?

Now, let’s have a look at the important features of AnyViewer.

Unattended access: Easily access a computer when it is unattended.

View screen: View the screen of a remote PC without controlling it.

Text chat: You can communicate via text with the one on the other end of the remote session.

Lock screen: Lock the screen of a remote computer without running a remote session.

Reboot/Shut off: Reboot or shut off the remote PC without running a remote session.

Access in privacy mode: Access a remote computer by blacking out its screen and disabling the keyboard and mouse to protect your privacy.

For more features, you can refer to its Manual page.

How does AnyViewer work?

Step 1. Download, install and run AnyViewer on all devices that you need to set up a remote connection.

Step 2. Create an AnyViewer account and log into the same account on all devices.

Remote Access Software

Step 3. On the device that you start the remote control, go to Devices.

Step 4. Locate the computer you need to access, click it and click Remote control.

Remote Access Software

Immediately, you can get full control of the remote PC and you can use the device to edit work documents, run apps or do something else.

Remote Access Software


  • So far AnyViewer enables you to access a Windows computer from Windows, Android, and iOS. It’s unsupported to access an Android or iOS device from another device via AnyViewer.
  • The aforementioned steps are about how to access an assigned computer with one click. If the remote computer you want to need hasn’t logged into the same account, you need to access it via a security code or send a remote control request.
  • Windows operating system can be Windows 11/10//8.1/8/7 or Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012 R2; Android should run version 6.0 or later; iOS should run 10.0 or later.
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