If you frequent my website, you are aware that everyone enjoys quizzes. Therefore, I discovered that many individuals are looking for JoinMy Quiz.com yet nobody seems to find it while doing research for some of these problems.

I decided to research this issue more in order to determine what is on my quiz and where to find it.

JoinMyQuiz.com To unlock your own avatar, register right away. Log in. Students can take free, gamified mathematics quizzes on any subject in the class or at home.

With a traffic rank of 1,773 and a daily income of $8,071.00, JoinMyQuiz.com is worth $8,716,680.00. The website has a high trust rating, and users have not recently reported any current threats.

What is JoinMy Quiz .com?

Users generated puzzles and shared them with their friends, students, coworkers, etc. using a website called Join My Quiz. Kahoot and this platform are very comparable.

I’ve created numerous quizzes in the past (like two or three years ago) using this website and shared them online with my admirers At that moment, all you have to do to create a new profile is input your email and personal data.. Using the secret code, you may then start producing trivia and sharing it with people all around the world.

How to Sign-Up in Joinmyquiz Com

This article outlines the steps, which are as follows.

Step 1.

To begin, launch any browser and enter “Joinmyquiziz. Com”

Following that, click the first page you are shown to access the official website for this website.

Step 2.

The opportunity to register for a new account will then appear. With that, you’ll have more options for logging in, but if this is your first time signing up, choose the sign up button.

Step 3.

You must next complete the registration form, where information such as your username, email address, and account name will be required. You can click submit once you’ve correctly filled out the form.

Step 4.

After completing that, you need to register. It will

Advanced JoinMyQuiz.com Stats

  • Range of addresses: to
  • CIDR:
  • NET-3-208-0-0-1 is the net handle.
  • Founder: AT-88-Z (NET-3-128-0-0-1)
  • Reallocated NetType
  • OriginAS: AS14618 and AS16509.
  • the Amazon Data Services NoVa organisation (ADSN-1)
  • 2018-12-18 RegDate
  • Current: 2018-12-18
  • Reference: in the registry at rdap.arin.net.
  • Amazon Data Services NoVa, Inc.
  • ADSN-1 OrgId
  • 13200 Woodland Park Road is the address.
  • Place: Herndon
  • VA StateProv
  • Address: 20171
  • United States
  • 2018-04-25 RegDate
  • Version: 2.0.2019.08.02
  • Specifically, see https://rdap.arin.net/registry/entity/ADSN-1

What happened to joinmyquiz?

Joinmyquiz.com (JMQ) is no longer active. If you go to the webpage, it will take you to quizizz.com. Therefore, we can infer that either join my quiz was purchased by quizizz or JMQ changed its website to quizizz.

However, JMQ and this new website share a lot of similarities. Making an account new enables the creation of online tests.

To give you even more of an idea, Deepak Joy Cheenath and Ankit Gupta founded Quizizz. They are located in India’s Bengaluru. Wikipedia states that they launched this website in 2015.

Even an Android app called Quizizz: Play to Learn is available.

Employing this app anywhere can learn anything. You have the option of studying alone or taking part in group tests, projects, and presentations online or in person.

Joinmyquiz.com best features

  • To make fast exams, use the teleport tool on joinmyquizz.com.
  • Using this, you may also ask for a quiz on Google Classrooms.
  • Additionally, you can add this website’s logo to your home screen.
  • You might also create worksheets for each and every question.
  • The test has questions that will help with brain exercises.

How to use Android smartphones to play JoinMyQuiz – Quiz of the Decade

Applications can be “sideloaded” onto Android smartphones. Here’s how you approach it.

Step 1: Configuring your gadget

On your Android 4.0 or later smartphone or tablet, navigate to Settings, select Security, then select Unknown sources. By selecting this option, you can install apps from places other than the Google Play store. You may also select to receive a warning prior to installing hazardous apps, depending on your device. This can be activated by selecting the Verify applications option under Security settings.

On older Android devices, go to the Applications section of Settings, select Unknown sources, and then tap OK to dismiss the popup warning.

Step 2: Downloading the quiz of the decade apk from JoinMyQuiz.com

The installer file for JoinMyQuiz – Quiz of the Decade, also known as an APK, which is how Android apps are distributed and installed, will be downloaded in the following step. The JoinMyQuiz – Quiz of the Decade apk from ChipApk is completely secure and cost-free of viruses.

  1. The procedure

The APK file is available for download on both computers and mobile devices, but the latter is a little trickier. Use Google Chrome or the default Android browser to begin by downloading an APK file. Click Downloads in your app drawer to view the file you just downloaded. Open the file to begin the software installation.

The bottom line:

We can see that Harry Potter is a popular franchise. The film’s adaptations are highly regarded and have a sizable following.

We do not identify any disadvantages to using the site because it has been there for a very long period. The books in the series are also current.

Answer the quiz to find out which Harry Potter character will be paired with you. As a result, we advise readers to take the quiz and tell their friends about it.

Please share your opinions on Joinmyquiz.com in the comments area.

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