If you are wondering if it is possible to transfer files from one cloud to another, you just come to the right place. Similar to you, many cloud drive users want to know if the cloud-to-cloud transfer process is possible. In this article, we will show you the best way to move files between clouds without downloading and uploading.


What is Cloud to Cloud Transfer?

Cloud-to-cloud file transfer is the simple process of transferring files from and to a cloud storage service or cloud computing environment. There are many different needs for cloud transfer. One condition of cloud file transfer moves data from local devices or on-premise data centers to the cloud. Another condition transfers data from one cloud storage service to another. And cloud-to-cloud data transfer is the second type of cloud file transfer.

Why Need Cloud-to-Cloud Transfer?

There are many reasons to migrate Dropbox to OneDrive or transfer between other clouds. For example, once your previous cloud service changes its pricing plans and is now too expensive for you to pay, you may want to look for a more cost-effective cloud service and migrate all your data to it. Or you suddenly find that another cloud has better features and security so you want to store your cloud files in a better place.

What is the Best Cloud Cloud Transfer Solution?

The most important thing about cloud-to-cloud migration is whether it supports the cloud storage services that you commonly use. Cloud drive connectivity is essential in cloud file transfer, so all of the best cloud-to-cloud transfer services need to support a wide range of cloud storage services no matter for personal or business, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, FTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, Wasabi, SharePoint Online, Google Workspace, etc.

The next important consideration of transferring data between clouds is the purpose of your specific transfer operation. Do you want to transfer all your data between clouds in bulk or do you want to get a long-term and automatic cloud-to-cloud movement? To some degree, your different purpose will dramatically affect your purchase. Some cloud transfer services are better at bulk file migration, while others may provide great sync and backup functions.


Among all those cloud-drive-to-cloud-drive transfer services, MultCloud could be the best one that provides both cloud-to-cloud sync and transfer abilities. MultCloud allows you to manage multiple cloud storage services within a single web interface. It is an excellent and professional service for cloud to cloud backup, sync, and transfer. You can easily achieve bulk data transfer with a single click and no waiting, making MultCloud ideal for cloud-to-cloud transfer.

A free plan of MultCloud includes 5 GB of monthly data traffic, which is enough for normal file transfer. And the monthly plan provides 100 GB of data traffic. But for large migrations involving terabytes of data, a yearly unlimited or lifetime unlimited plan is better for you to choose. What’s more, you will also get faster transfer speed and other helpful functions to make your cloud file transfer more convenient.

MultCloud supports offline and scheduled cloud data transfer, which means you do not have to wait for the transfer process to be done anymore. Everything is handled by MultCloud, you can simply start or schedule the file transfer process for MultCloud and safely turn off your device without any worry.

How to Do Cloud-to-Cloud Transfer in MultCloud

It is very simple to start a cloud file transfer in MultCloud. All you need is a browser and a MultCloud account. Then you can add your clouds to it and use the Cloud Transfer function to quickly transfer data between clouds without any risk of data loss.

Step 1. Create a MultCloud account and add your clouds to it. MultCloud now supports more than 30 most popular clouds.


Step 2. Set up your cloud-to-cloud transfer task on the Cloud Transfer page. Select one cloud or files and folders in it as the source, and select another cloud as the destination.


Step 3. Start your Cloud Transfer task by clicking “Transfer Now”. You could also choose a daily, weekly, or monthly plan in the “Schedule” if you need.



Finding an easy way to do cloud-to-cloud transfer would largely save you time and energy. Therefore, MultCloud comes into the cloud file management market to ease the way you work. Besides, MultCloud uses the 256-bit AES encryption for SSL to protect your Cloud Transfer process. So, there’s nothing can be worried about if you start to use MultCloud to migrate data across clouds.

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